Baile-Herculane (The Herculane Baths)

Băile Herculane, is one of the most wel-known and beautiful balneo-climatic resorts in Romania. It is situated between the Cernei and Mehedinţi Mountains, in the fascinating valley of the Cerna river, surrounded by forests. Discovered and used by the Romans since 105 – 107 A.D., the mineral springs from here were named “Thaermae Herculi.” The Roman patricians used to come to the resort, and the waters from here became known all over the Roman Empire. Even Emperor Marc Aureliu himself came here for treatment! Throughout the years, numerous celebrities stopped at Băile Herculane, including Goethe, Andersen, Emperor Franz Josef and his wife, Empress Sissi.

The climate specific to the mountainous depressions, with sub-Mediterranean influences, encouraged the proliferation of a very rich and varied vegetation, air rich in negative ions, and a special landscape, especially the numerous mineral springs rich in sulphur, sodium chloride, calcium, acid carbonate, calcium and . All of these render the resort as an ideal place for relaxation and a site to remake holiday all year long. In the resort there are several hotels and villas, many among them having their own treatment centers with hydrotherapy, kinetotherapy and electrotherapy equipment. Diseases successfully treated here include rheumatic, gynecological, peripherical nervous system diseases, and diseases of the digestive system.

Those who decide to spend their holiday here have to choose among the numerous trips and visiting places near the resort: The Cerna Valley and The Domogled Massif, The Steams’ Grotto or The Thieves’ Cave are only a part of the natural attractions of the place.

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